Abortion and Obama: My Broken Heart and Angry Heart


Dear Friend and Fellow Pro-lifer,

I confess: My heart is broken, and angry.

I ask you to read this, to pray, and to act.

I have literally wept over the compromise and outright treachery we are witnessing from certain evangelical and Catholic clergy, leaders, and so-called “thinkers” – Christians who claim to be pro-life but are supporting Obama for President.

I’m sure you are as shocked and dismayed as I am!

I can understand the reasoning of those who say they will not support John McCain; and I can feel the angst of those who say they are voting for McCain reluctantly; but I cannot understand those who claim to be pro-life, and followers of our Lord Jesus Christ supporting a man who has vowed to continue the slaughter of the innocent.

My heart is broken that pro-life Christians are prepared to sacrifice innocent children for the sake of some bizarre, unethical, and ungodly notion of “the common good.”

But not only is my heart broken — it is “filled with indignation.” (See Jeremiah 15:17) I am indignant that people claiming to represent Jesus Christ are promoting Obama and thereby bearing false witness against Christ himself. Let me explain

When a Christian tries to create a “Christian” theological construct in which he justifies supporting a proponent of child-killing such as Obama for public office, he is implicitly declaring that Jesus is approving or even guiding this theological reasoning.

In other words — they saddle our Savior with the murder of innocent children.

Let me warn you: in the coming pages I intend to demolish arguments and reasoning that falsely vindicate such a betrayal of innocent blood; I will prove — with unimpeachable consistency and logic — but the arguments which would seduce a Christian into voting for Obama are born in hell; “for even Satan masquerades as an Angel is light…” and false prophets and false messiahs arise to try and deceive God’ people. (See II Cor. 11:14.15; Matt. 24: 24)

You are a true pro-lifer, which is why you are receiving this letter. I’m sure that your heart must also be grieved at this treachery and deception. So please know — I angry with you and our compatriots in this battle. I’m grieved with the betrayers of babies; those who claim to be our allies.

So let the treacherous beware: I will not speak with moderation; I will not equivocate; I will not spare the small or the great who in the name of Christ are helping the child-slayers of our time.

My Premise: Fighting Words for the Babies and for Truth

If someone votes for Obama, he will aid in the murder of innocent children.

If someone votes for Obama, he will have blood on his hands.

If someone votes for Obama, knowing Obama’s history and his intent – his 100% pro-death voting record and his promise to expand this holocaust in the future – that voter has betrayed innocent blood, and that voter is helping to attack Christ himself.

Helping Obama: Jesus said: “You did it to me…”

In Matthew 25:40, Jesus said: “Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me.”

The simple question is this: Who are “the least of Jesus’ brethren?” Are pre-born babies included as the “least” of Christ’s brothers? I will prove the answer is YES.

Jesus said: “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” (Matt 19:14) Mark repeats these words: “Let the children come to me, do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of God.” (Mark 10:14)

Please note: the Greek word for babe is “brephos,” which is the word used to identify John the Baptist, as he leapt for joy in his mothers womb in the presence of Mary and Jesus – just a few days after Christ’s conception! (See Luke 1:41, 44) This is the same word used to define Christ when the Angels told the shepherds that “…you will find a babe wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger.” (Luke 2:12)

God uses the same word for a newborn child as an unborn child – showing that in His mind – they are both living children, precious and unique in His sight.

The Church has always held that an unborn child is a child, made in the image of God, and that to slay that unborn child is murder.

So, since “the kingdom of heaven belongs to little children;” and since the same Greek word is used to define a newborn baby and an unborn baby; and since the same word is used to describe John the Baptist as a “fetus” and Jesus as a newborn, we can surely say that Jesus includes unborn babies as the least of His brethren.

Hence, in some sacred way, what we do to the unborn, we do to Christ himself.
To attack or betray a child –whether in the womb or out – is to attack or betray Christ Himself.

Think of Herod. He sought to destroy the Christ Child, and slew the Innocent in the process.

To Christians who are planning to betray the children with their vote – we must ask them: “Would you vote for Herod after he slaughtered the Holy Innocents in Bethlehem? Would you vote for Herod while his hands dripped with their innocent blood? If not, how can you justify voting for Obama – a man cut from the same cloth as Herod?” Go ahead, ask them and jar them!

Killing the children of our day is in some way like attacking Christ himself. In fact, Catholics and Protestants alike will appreciate the fact that the great pro-life champion, John Paul II, wrote that “…whoever attacks human life, in some way attacks God himself.” (Evangelium Vitae, 9)

As I mentioned earlier, one reason I’m so indignant at this treachery is because those Christians who try to justify voting for Obama — whether Catholic or Protestant — couch their treachery in terms of Christian theology or Christian lingo. In other words – they imply or outright say that Jesus is guiding them to vote for someone who defends child-killing! Here are two examples…

Franky Schaeffer: Pro-life Champion Gone to “the Dark Side”

Remember the late Dr. Francis Schaeffer? He was a brilliant thinker and author. He wrote A Christian Manifesto (and many other books), and was one of the first evangelicals to raise a banner against child-killing. In many circles, he was and is a legend.

His son, Franky Schaeffer, was also a well known evangelical pro-life advocate in the early and mid 1980s. Franky was on Dr. Dobson’s Focus on the Family; he directed the magnificent film series, Whatever happened to the Human Race?, and he wrote the best seller, A Time for Anger, which sold hundreds of thousands of copies. (Both father and son had a profound impact on me in the early years of my pro-life calling and leadership.)

Now Franky Schaeffer is blasting and mocking Dr. James Dobson, and he has endorsed Obama for President! (See more at www.huffingtonpost.com). He wrote:

As a result of his [Dr. Dobson’s] power grabs and bullying of other evangelicals, not to mention his telling people how to vote and pointing them to the failed W [Bush], Dobson & Co. have zero credibility with a growing number of otherwise conservative evangelicals who happen– this year–to be looking favorably at Senator Obama’s holistic Christian-based world view. Unlike Dobson they like Obama’s theology just fine.

I ask you: what does “Obama’s holistic Christian-based world view” and “Obama’s theology” even mean? What Christian theology vindicates the murder of the innocent? None! It is not Christian theology; it is satanic theology, the theology of hell. Who but the Angel of Death would create a theology to justify attacking God’s most precious creation, human life, thereby assaulting God Himself?

“Roman Catholics for Obama:” Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

I invite you to see the deception for yourself at their website. But for now, let me quote to you part of their pathetic attempt to justify their support for Obama. They say:

On this website, we have collected and linked to documents from the Church and from Church authorities that reflect on the importance of civic participation motivated by all of the principles of Catholic Social Teaching: Life and Dignity of the Human Person; Call to Family, Community, and Participation; Rights and Responsibilities; Option for the Poor and Vulnerable; The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers; Solidarity; and Care for God’s Creation… After faithful thought and prayer, we have arrived at the conclusion that Senator Obama is the candidate whose views are most compatible with the Catholic outlook, and we will vote for him because of that…”(See their theological gibberish at www.romancatholicsforobama.com)

These poor people have lost their way, as well as their minds, and maybe their souls. They are misrepresenting and betraying Church teaching. Evangelium Vitae and Humane Vitae and Christ the King are the teaching of the Church – not this garbage.

It is the height of hypocrisy to talk about the “Life and Dignity of the Human Person” while supporting a man who helps destroys human life and robs a human bay of his God-given dignity; they talk of a “Call to Family,” yet support a man who helps would murder children that should be loved and protected in a family; they talk about “Community and Participation” – what “community” can claim loyalty to Christ while it “participates” in the murder of children?

They talk about “Rights and Responsibilities;” what about the Right to Life of the child and the Responsibility of Catholics to protect children? They talk about the “Poor and Vulnerable;” since when is it the teaching of the Catholic Church to kill the poor and the vulnerable? And do they show their love for the “Dignity and Rights of Workers” by killing future workers and denying their right to life? Do they “Care for God’s Creation” by killing His masterpiece — innocent human beings?! They have “Solidarity” with all right – solidarity with hell.

The Church teaches that there is an ethical hierarchy; all issues are not equal We can disagree on the war, or on how to care for the poor, or on health care, or on other issues of “the common good,” but we cannot disagree on child killing. Abortion is murder; it is our first duty, and our highest priority, to end this holocaust. To claim that we can betray innocent children to their deaths for “the common good” is as evil as it is false. Read the Masterpiece, The Gospel of Life by John Paul II, and you’ll see, Roman Catholics for Obama LIE THROUGH THEIR TEETH!

I wish I could tell you that these two examples are an oddity. They are not. Literally millions of Evangelicals and Catholics are poised to betray innocent children – and Christ Himself – by voting for Obama for President.

Concerning black American evangelicals and preachers who are lining up behind Obama, this is not about faithfulness to Biblical Authority; nor is it about loving “the least of these.” It appears that much of their support is about the color of Obama’s skin. If so, it is racist, not Christian.

Blow the Trumpet! We Must Declare the Truth LOUDLY

Remember: Truth has within it the seeds of its own victory. Our duty is to proclaim the Truth – without fear, without compromise, without wavering; to be “a solid wall of brass.” (Jer: 15:20)

We must “Blow the trumpet in Zion, sound the alarm on [God’s] Holy Mountain.” (See Joel 2:1) Trumpets and alarms are noisy. We need to make a lot of holy noise. We must wake our brethren from their stupor, and warn them of the danger. The facts are simple: you have family members and fellow church members who are being deceived, and are planning to vote for Obama – the most pro-death candidate in history. Will you sound an alarm for them?
We must rattle them, shake them, and wake them with all the love and passion we can – for their own sakes – and for the sake of the innocent children.

It is our duty to convince as many of our brethren at the Churches we attend that they cannot ethically vote for Obama. To do so is treachery against the Laws of God, and the lives of babies.

We have Created Brochures and Ads – for You to Use
(Download them for free at www.humbleplea.com)

For those with the passion to defend innocent life and Christian orthodoxy, we have created “weapons of rhetorical war” for you to use to wake up your brethren.

The Brochure: We just printed 250,000 copies of Is it Immoral to vote for Obama for President? We will send you as many copies as you will hand out in your community at churches, etc.

The Newspaper Ads: Wanted: Christians who will Defend the Innocent with Their Vote are available at no charge in 6 different versions for Evangelical and Catholic readers.

Scheduled Events: Will you blow the Trumpet in Your City?

Denver – August 25-28. I know it is late, but if your heart is stirred to join us in Denver to protest against Obama during the Democratic Convention, please contact us right away. Call me at 904-687-9804, or go online for details at www.humbleplea.com.

September 29 – St. Michael the Archangel Protests and “Sit-Ins.” On this day – the day the Church honors Michael, the great Archangel of Battle, we will co-ordinate peaceful sit-ins and pickets outside Obama headquarters around the nation. We will hold signs: “No Christian may in good conscience vote for Obama for President” and similar signs.

October 3 – Respect Life Sunday. On this Sunday (and Saturday night) we (you and us!) will put brochures on thousands of windshields of cars while people attend church around the nation.

October 10, 17, and 24 – Literature drops nationwide. Again, we will distribute flyers outside during church urging Obama voters to come to their senses and repent of their intention.

November 2 – aborted baby signs at Churches. On the last Sunday before the election, at select churches, we will hold up pictures of aborted children along the road near the church exit (WHICH IS COMPLETELY LEGAL) with the words: A Vote for Obama is a Vote for Dead Children. This is our last chance to jolt the faithful back to faithfulness before the election.

We will teach you what to do – step by step. This is all a prophetic witness for God, His Laws, and His Children – the innocent babies Obama has sworn to help slaughter. This is not for the faint hearted, but – with God’s help – you can do it.

I beg you in Jesus Holy Name for your prayers.

Paul said: “Who is equal to this?” (II Cor.2:16) In our own strength, none of us can keep this pace, nor take on this battle. But we “can do all things through Christ who strengthens” us (see Phil. 4:13). Even then – it will be hard. (It is not a sacrifice until it hurts.) We are on a 7 week trip – recruiting, mobilizing, training people to lift up their voices. We beg your prayers for the grace of God and the help of angles to give us strength, courage, protection and peace.

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