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President Trump Lifted Gag Order

Guest essay by Bill Falling Last week, President Trump lifted the “Gag Order” off the church, and the non-profit organizations from political activity.  Preachers and Pastors, along with University Presidents can endorse candidates for public office, and can verbally oppose corrupt candidates for public office.  This should have been a cause of celebration in every […]

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The Inspired Life Easter Sunday TV Special on REELZ Will Celebrate the Best, Most Inspiring Movies of the Past Year

Movies make a profound difference in our lives. They can stir our imaginations and stimulate our minds. They can bring us laughter, tears, joy…or the whole range of emotion. They can arouse our compassion, spur us toward love, inspire our lives, or incite us toward action, and even hatred and violence. Easter Sunday, April 16, […]

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Confronting Heresy

Guest essay by Billy Falling “The Church is called to proclaim the Lordship of Jesus, not to confront the culture.” This is the very popular stand of a very famous Christian Minister of my era (I’m 77). Yet it is one of the greatest heresies of the day. Why can’t we do both? During the […]

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