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Election 2016

Poem by Annette Adams Elections come and elections go, All those of an earthly kind; But it’s the election that lasts forever That this writer has in mind. Our earthly one has left much debris In character digression: The need to win at any cost Left most with a bad impression. We hungered for statesmen […]

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Lost and Found

Poem by Annette Adams I’m in search of something missing,    It’s been lost; it’s very scary. I’m afraid I can’t replace it,    It’s my old vocabulary. “Confession” and “contrition,” words    We often used to hear, Like “repentance,” “sin,” and “holiness”    Have seemed to disappear. The words that gave life purpose,   […]

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Another election time has arrived, With words teasing, pleasing our brain, But let’s hope that all of those politic-promises Aren’t just “more clouds without rain”. We’ll rate that debate, which has kept us up late, And we’ll hope that our choice will not fail; But, clearly we know; the results always show That only God’s […]

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by Annette Adams America, this place most blessed Is finally falling, like the rest. We’ve brought it on by our own hand, This blight that’s come across our land. We’re left in shock, we point the blame, And miss the means through which it came. We’ve heard “safe sex” proclaimed so long; But contraception won’t right […]

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by Annette Adams We all enjoy those toys and gifts,The Christmas trees , so bright.We’re fond of dear old Santa’sBag of goodies. Such delight! But I must ask this questionMidst this crass commercial joy:“Whatever did become ofOur beloved Jewish Boy”? I’m really all for happiness,Love pleasure, like the rest,But anything in-place-ofAlways ends up second-best. That […]

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Memorial Day

by Annette Adams I was there when all those “boys” my ageWent off to fight a war.And I was there when those same “men”Returned to us no more. I’ve entertained those heroesOn their barren beds of pain,Those glory-gutted veteransWho, to this day, remain. Have you ever been in a “holding pen”Where we keep those “dregs […]

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That “Miracle Message”

by Annette Adams Yes, it’s time for that “Miracle Message” again:“God really came down to this earth!”‘Didn’t come like a king, rather did everythingTo humble Himself in His birth. God’s love con-descended, estrangement was ended,We all could become reconciled.Though we were sin-blighted, His death re-unitedUs to this great God-in-Christ-Child. From manger to man covered such […]

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