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Speak Principles

Guest Essay by Ben Gilmore All men are sinners.  Agree quickly and take the subject back to Biblical principle.  Else, your opponent will put you in the position of defending a man’s sin.   I urge readers not to defend Donald Trump.    Rather – defend the principles his presidency will enhance.   The trap […]

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About the November Ballot

Guest essay by Ben Gilmore In 1960, I walked my first precinct.  Because of those years and this column, about this time in the election cycle I receive requests for my thoughts.  Perhaps this “broadcast” response will be enough for everyone. Your vote is sacred—As with all of your choices, you hold the ultimate responsibility.  […]

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Rogue Authority

Guest essay by Ben Gilmore All authority comes (ultimately) from God. Thus, “authority” (direction, regulation, control, restraint) contrary to authority delegated by God does not exist. It might be called rogue authority. Laws (rules of action) made by such rogue authority should be considered no law at all. In the Bible, King David had the […]

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Guest essay by Ben Gilmore A story – My guide and I saw a shepherd following his flock down the road.  I asked, “Isn’t the shepherd supposed to walk in front and lead his sheep?”  My guide replied, “That isn’t the shepherd. That is the butcher.” I am in awe of any shepherd who can […]

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Fundamental Orders of Connecticut – January 1639

by Ben Gilmore Big doors swing on little hinges.  John Locke was only seven years old.  He is called “The Philosopher of American Liberty.” So we cannot credit “the world’s first written Constitution” to his influence.  What then was the root inspiration for the citizens of three settlement villages along the Connecticut River in the […]

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