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Westminster Abbey to be Lit Red to Highlight Christian Persecution

Guest essay by Peter Hammond Westminster Abbey and Westminster Cathedral will both be back-lit red in November to raise awareness for Christian persecution around the world. Lord Alton, an advocate of the effort, wrote: “In November, Westminster Cathedral and Westminster Abbey are to be floodlit in red to commemorate the persecuted. If every parish in […]

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What is a Caliphate?

Guest essay by Peter Hammond Boko Haram has declared North Eastern Nigeria an Islamic Caliphate. ISIS has declared a Caliphate over Northern Syria and Iraq. So what is a Caliphate? Dictatorship A Caliph is “the commander of the believers.” A Caliphate is an Islamic state led by a supreme religious and political leader known as […]

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Mitsuo Fuchida – From Pearl Harbour to Calvary

Guest essay by Peter Hammond Mitsuo Fuchida (1902-1976) is best known for leading the devastating air attack on Pearl Harbour, 7 December 1941. After the war, Fuchida became a Christian Evangelist, who conducted Evangelistic outreaches throughout Japan, the United States and Europe. Japanese Naval Aviator Fuchida was the son of the Master of the Primary […]

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Does the US Supreme Court’s Re-Definition of Marriage Really Matter?

Guest essay by Peter Hammond With the US Supreme Court’s decision and the extraordinary pressures to re-define marriage and accommodate the demands by gay activists for homosexual unions to be accepted as “marriage”, many are asking: Well, what difference does it make? Revolutionary Agenda Fourteen years ago, Africa Christian Action published the landmark book: The […]

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How Was the Greatest Century of Missions Derailed into the Worst Century of Persecution?

Guest essay by Peter Hammond 4 August marks the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. A Tale of Two Conferences The Father of modern Missions, William Carey, was a man ahead of his time. In 1810, he proposed a World Missions Conference, and he suggested Cape Town as the ideal venue! […]

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Guest Essay by Peter Hammond 31 October is the birthday of all Evangelical and Bible-believing churches. On 31 October 1517, Dr. Martin Luther launched the Protestant Reformation with his bold stand at the Castle Church in Wittenberg. Freedom and Productivity Western civilisation has been blessed with the greatest freedoms, productivity and prosperity ever known in […]

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