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St. Patrick was a Proto-Protestant!—a Brief Essay

Guest essay adapted from a piece by Francis Nigel Lee, after James Akin. St. Patrick was born into a British Christian family circa A.D. 389. His grandfather was a presbyter. His father Calpurnius was a deacon. His real birth-name was the Brythonic Succat. The Irish Gaelicized his name to Padraic, suggesting his originally Brythonic name […]

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The Britannic Christian Padraig Converts Ireland, Going into All the World

by Rev. Professor-Emeritus Dr. Francis Nigel Lee According to Britain’s oldest Historian, the North-Brythonic Celtic Christian Gildas,1 the Gospel arrived in Britain before 37 A.D. According to Eusebius, Maelgwyn, Isidore, Freculph, Nenni, Baronius, Cressy, Hearne, Rev. Dr. James Ussher, Rev. Dr. John Owen and Rev. Dr. H. Williams—there is some evidence that Joseph of Arimathea […]

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Christian Iceland Long Before Columbus

by Francis Nigel Lee Though its existence was known to the Ancient Greeks, Iceland was actually visited for the first time by Culdee Christian Irish Celts—around A.D. 500. Shortly thereafter, the great Culdee Brendan and his party inspected it around A.D. 560—before they proceeded further on their way to America. Yet Iceland remained uninhabited until […]

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The Christian Discovery and Settlement of Greenland (A.D. 982f)

by Francis Nigel Lee Contrary to popular belief, there were no Eskimos (Inuit) or any other Non-White peoples at all in Greenland, at the time Europeans first settled there in A.D. 982f. Also contrary to popular belief—Greenland has been Christian from the time of its first human settlement onward. Greenland is, after Iceland, the second […]

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The Very Oldest Calvinism Is Needed Right Now to Change the World!

by Rev. Prof. Dr. Nigel Lee The following is an essay written by our friend Dr. Francis Nigel Lee in answer to an article called “The New Calvinism,” by David Van Biema, published March 12, 2009 by Time. Biema’s article suggests a typically negative view of Calvinism. In fact, the Reformed faith—Calvinism in particular—is the […]

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Lee, Rev. Prof. Dr. F.N.: CALVIN ON THE LAW

by Rev. Prof. Dr. Adv. Francis Nigel Lee Queensland Presbyterian Theological CollegeBrisbane, Australia “God is above the civil law but not lawless (Deus legibus solutus sed non exlex)…. He is Himself the Living Law (Lex Vitalis), and the Law Who enlivens (Lex Animans).”— Calvin’s Opera Omnia (Corpus Reformatorum), Brunswick 1863f ed., 5,23,53,67 The great Genevan […]

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