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The Prince of Peace

Guest Essay by the late Rev. R.J. Rushdoony [The timeliness of this article from 45 years ago is remarkable!—ed.] Violent marches for peace are a common fact today. Our cities are being attacked, public buildings bombed, and the police assaulted by our modern peace lovers. Such peace as these men have to offer is another […]

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The Blindfold on Justice

Guest essay R.J. Rushdoony For several administrations now, American presidents have been telling us that it is their purpose to be “a president of all the people” and the champion and spokesman of all. Is this a valid goal? Should the president stand “for the people” or for God’s law and justice? Should he be […]

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Rottenness in the Bones

Guest essay by R. J. Rushdoony The tenth commandment forbids covetousness, and envy is repeatedly condemned in Scripture. Unfortunately, what the Bible teaches and what today’s politicians and preachers teach are two different things. Men today are being taught to covet and to envy. Are you a worker? Then be envious of what your shop […]

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Theonomy vs. Tyranny

Guest essay by the late Rev. R.J. Rushdoony Man’s choice is between theonomy and autonomy, God’s law versus self-law. Man, being a sinner, a fallen creature, can only create laws and societies which, in their developed form, simply amplify man’s sin. The result is tyranny, rule without God. The power to make laws is the […]

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Providence and Prayer

Guest essay by Rev. R. J. Rushdoony A frequent objection raised by many to the doctrines of predestination and providence is that such doctrines render untenable and impossible any concept of responsibility and prayer. If God predestines and totally governs all things, then how can man be held responsible for his actions, and what need […]

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Statist Medicine

by R.J. Rushdoony (Although written in the middle of “The Cold War”, this article on government-sponsored medicine is relevant to the health-care debate going on today. –Ed.) An important book published recently is Alexander Podrabinek’s Punitive Medicine.1 The author is now serving a sentence of exile in Siberia. This is a careful and documented account […]

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