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Celebrating St. Patrick
George Washington at Valley Forge

"But after I had come to Ireland, it was then that I was made to shepherd the flocks day after day, so, as I did so, I would pray all the time, right though the day. More and more the love of God and fear of him grew strong in me. And as my faith grew, so the Spirit became more and more active, so that in a single day I would say as many as a hundred prayers, and at night only slightly less. Although I might be staying in a forest or out on a mountainside, it would be the same; even before dawn broke, I would be aroused to pray. In snow, in frost, in rain, I would hardly notice any discomfort, and I was never slack but always full of energy. It is clear to me now, that this was due to the fervor of the Spirit within me.
—St. Patrick (The Confession of Saint Patrick, translated by John Skinner)

Vonette BrightSaint Patrick's Contributions to Western (Christian) Civilization

Guest Essay by Dr. Marshall Foster

In the fourth century, pagan Druid pirates from Ireland destroyed a village in England of Celtic Christians, capturing a 16 year- old boy named Patrick. Patrick became a slave tending sheep for a cruel Druid chieftain in the frozen fields of Northern Ireland for six years. The boy, who was a near atheist when he was captured, cried out to God in his despair. He prayed over one hundred times a day and the same all night. He grew close to Christ in his suffering and became repulsed by the witchcraft and even human sacrifice of the Druid priests. Eventually, God provided an escape back to England where Patrick prepared for the ministry.

Three decades later, Patrick returned to evangelize the lost people of Ireland who had enslaved him. Patrick's fearless courage and faith in Christ so impressed the king that he was given free passage to go throughout the Island. Patrick baptized over 120,000 Irish people and planted 300 churches. He evangelized all of Ireland, and in his lifetime he ended the Irish slave trade. Wherever he set up a church he left them with an old Celtic law book, Liber ex Lege Moisi (The Book of the Law of Moses), along with the books of the Gospel. The Liber begins with the Ten Commandments, and continues with selections from Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. From that time forward, this book became the basis of all social organization, including family, economics, welfare, and government. The Liber is the first essential document of liberty that led Christian civilization to far surpass the Roman Empire. The decentralized, God-centered worship of the Christian Celtic peoples avoided hierarchy and gave glory to God. Read On

Saint Patrick Book St. Patrick

Book by William J. Federer

The Real Story of His Amazing Life from Tragedy to Triumph. Kidnapped as a boy, Patrick was a slave for six years in Ireland. After a miraculous escape, he was called back by a dream and founded 300 churches, and baptized 120,000 believers!
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Saint Patrick BookSaint Patrick—The Real Story of His Life & Times

DVD by William J. Federer

How was the time Saint Patrick lived in similar to today?

The Roman Empire was falling:
  • Illegal immigrants overrunning boarders
  • Latin Language displaced
  • Sexual immorality
  • Exposure of unwanted infants
  • Violent gladiatorial entertainment
  • Outsourcing to North Africa
  • Enormous debt & government
  • Explosion of welfare & government jobs
  • Taxes unbearable
  • Church discouraged political involvement
  • Military over stretched
  • Atilla the Hun committed terrorist attacks

You will be fascinated by Saint Patrick-The Real Story of Life & Times from Tragedy to Triumph!
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Vonette Bright

St. Patrick was a Proto-Protestant!—a Brief Essay

Guest Essay by the late Rev. Professor-Emeritus Dr. Francis Nigel Lee

Guest essay adapted from a piece by Francis Nigel Lee, after James Akin.

St. Patrick was born into a British Christian family circa A.D. 389. His grandfather was a presbyter. His father Calpurnius was a deacon. His real birth-name was the Brythonic Succat. The Irish Gaelicized his name to Padraic, suggesting his originally Brythonic name of Padraig (which too is sometimes found in Erse).

The extant writings of Patrick are in 'Dog-Latin,' which would rather evidence his native language was Brythonic, and Latin (then the international language), only his second tongue. Read On

The Confession of St. Patrick: A one man play on the life of St. Patrick portrayed by actor Roger Nelson.

Featured Video: Dr. Benjamin Carson Epic Full Speech at National Prayer Breakfast Attacks Obama's Policies!

Dr. Francis Nigel LeeThe Britannic Christian Padraig Converts Ireland

Guest Essay by the late Rev. Professor-Emeritus Dr. Francis Nigel Lee

According to Britain's oldest Historian, the North-Brythonic Celtic Christian Gildas, the Gospel arrived in Britain before 37 A.D. According to Eusebius, Maelgwyn, Isidore, Freculph, Nenni, Baronius, Cressy, Hearne, Rev. Dr. James Ussher, Rev. Dr. John Owen and Rev. Dr. H. Williams—there is some evidence that Joseph of Arimathea preached (and was also buried) in Somerset's Glastonbury.

Also according to the American Rev. Dr. A. Cleveland Coxe in the Ante-Nicene Fathers, there is strong reason to conclude that the great Anti-Roman British General Caradog became a Christian—perhaps even while still in the West of Britain before his exile therefrom in 52 A.D. Too, from A.D. 75 onward, his relative the apparently-Christian Prince Merig is said to have ruled over the Britons from near my own birthplace Kendal in Cumbria's Westmorland. Read On

St. Patrick Lorica Song

Featured Video: Dr. Benjamin Carson Epic Full Speech at National Prayer Breakfast Attacks Obama's Policies!
              Inspirational song with lyrics adapted from Saint Patrick's Lorica.

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The Brave Boys of Derry
The Brave Boys of Derry
or No Surrender!
Book by W. Stanley Martin

The Brave Boys of Derry is a true historical narrative of how courageous young apprentices helped save their besieged Protestant town of Londonderry in 1689.

"This is the sort of book that needs to be republished and put into the hands of freedom-loving people around the world, giving them hope to see how brave, courageous boys stood up with their townspeople in His Story with His help, and what needs to be done today with the Lord's Providential aid for the cause of personal and civil Liberty in Christ."
—Rev. Christopher Hoops, 2005

Hardbound, 96 pages
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Jungle Sunrise
Jungle Sunrise
by Jonathan Williams

A unique and captivating novel by a member of the Xtreme Team, who risk their lives and endure unthinkable physical deprivation while assisting native people in the most remote areas of the world. This novel has been written out of the rich background of that experience. It is evident the author has been there!
He unlocks the secret of how to begin life anew, as the book’s central character moves from a depressing, directionless life to a rewarding and incomparable adventure, discovering the ultimate meaning in life through trials and tragedy. One warning: do not start reading until you have some time because you won't put it down.
Endorsed by Paige Patterson, President, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Jerry Rankin, President, International Mission Board, SBC.

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Another World
Another World
Book by Phillip Stott

An action-filled novel that combines Biblical and scientific themes with heart-racing adventure.
Traveling by mag-sled, Japh overnights in a bronto-infested floating forest. A scream in the night, a sudden devastating crash of, and flight becomes the only option, beginning a stunning chain of events which will change not only his life, but the entire course of history.
Now, at every turn, evil has overtaken the earth. The consequences of unbridled deceit, immorality, murder, and mayhem leave the few decent people left in the world in a dire condition with imminent peril the only constant. As the heavens threaten and the earth trembles under tribulation, its very existence remains in question. And will humanity survive?

Paperback, 284 pages
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With the Easter Season shortly upon us:
Died He For Me
Died He For Me
A Physician's View of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
Book by Mark A. Marinella M.D., F.A.C.P.

As a Christian physician, I have not only marveled at the spiritual ramifications of Christ's death, but also the physical and physiological aspects. To present this, I have compiled a succinct overview of Jesus' death from a physical and medical perspective that I hope both lay and medical people can appreciate and understand.

Paperback, 144 pages
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"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men, they create for themselves, in the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it." -Frederic Bastiat, "The Law" 1850

Jerry's Bookshelf
Tea Party Talk!
From Terror to Triumph
by Marshall Foster

This captivating 12-part video series documents what historical revisionists have been trying to hide: that God rules in the affairs of men. Join Dr. Marshall Foster for a whirlwind tour through history - from the ancient world right up to modern days and beyond. Learn the whole story of important historical events as well as discovering some little known side streets. Viewers will gain a new appreciation for the divine providence of our sovereign God as Dr. Foster points out the divine mile markers along the way. God hasn't appointed His people to failure, but to victory! Fantastic for family, church, group and individual study.

Topics Include:

- How religious castaways throughout history have taken third world cultures to the heights of civilization. 
- The strategy for building a prosperous and free society with your children and your wife. 
- How to uncover the secrets of winning against terror at all odds. 
- How terror and evil always backfire on the agents of evil. 
- How to develop a biblical and historical confidence to restore every institution and see America become a "city on a hill" again.

6 DVD Set, with study guide

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British Isles Braveheart Cruise
The British Isles Braveheart Cruse will be hosted by Marshall Foster. This is a cruise and tour of a lifetime with the greatest Christian Historian in America! Register by April 10 for early-bird reservations. For a limited time, a special discount is available to NPI Readers. Please Contact us for more information.
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