Make Your Life Count; Join in My Quest!

by Eugene Clingman

Do right My sons, do right you see
For Jesus the Christ is not Lord to be
But now reigns from heaven down here upon earth
Blessing the righteous but the wicked are cursed

He sees your actions He knows your heart
And for His Kingdom you must do your part
You’ve only two choices whose servant you’ll be
That of the Victor or of the serpent who flees

So give Me My son your heart your delight
And do what is good and just in My sight
Walk in My truth and not in the dark
For My Spirit to you my son I impart

With Me take your stand ‘gainst enemy and foe
For there are so many who cast off and o’er throw
Jesus My Christ, His Law and His Word
Wishing the Gospel no more would be heard

Yet I in My purpose will not be denied
Blessing the nations I’ll bring to My side
And make them all Christian they’ll love My Son
My zeal is certain I’ll not leave it undone

And from the River to the Ends of the Earth
I will bring blessing and subdue the Curse
Go then My people carry My Word
Until every people has listened and heard

Make them disciples teach all I command
And shall great blessing come from My hand
The child shall die at one hundred you see
And lion and lamb close companions will be

Salvation for one salvation for all
To whomever will listen to my voice as I call
There’s only one name under heaven that saves
Come to the Cross, there is no other way

You my dear sons take note and be wise
Your days upon earth are short and besides
Surely the righteous alone will be blessed
So take up your sword and join in my quest

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