Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Thanks to my friend actor and historian Roger Nelson, who performs The Real St. Patrick in his one-man play, “The Confession of St. Patrick” (visit Roger on the web for details of his various performances @ www.a1manplay.com) for the following facts:

A Super Brief Synopsis of St. Patrick’s Life:

  1. He was an Italian born in Briton around 400 AD.
  2. At age 16 he was captured by pirates and sold as a slave to an Irish king.
  3. He tended sheep for 6 years as a slave in Ireland.
  4. God spoke to him in visions and dreams.
  5. After escaping from Ireland, he returned to his home in Briton, where he had a vision of the Irish calling him to “Come and walk among us once more.”
  6. He obeyed the heavenly calling and returned to Ireland, where he preached the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ and planted many hundreds of churches.

Other Interesting Facts:

  1. Patrick was not born on March 17th.
  2. Patrick was never canonized by the Catholic church. (The Irish declared him their patron saint.)
  3. Patrick did not drive the snakes out of Ireland. How could he? He didn’t even have a car. Actually there were never any snakes in Ireland, in the first place.
  4. Patrick quotes Scripture over 200 times in his “Confession.”
  5. note: God has used Roger Nelson’s portrayal of St. Patrick, “The Confession of St. Patrick,” to turn many hearts toward the Lord Jesus. Roger doesn’t keep records, but in one weekend 45 people made decisions for Christ following three performances of “The Confession” at a large church near Buffalo, NY. PTL! Following another performance near Chicago, a young woman prayed with her parents to receive the Lord before they even had a chance to leave their seats.
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